We don’t want your war, says Seamus Ruttledge

Seamus Ruttledge is a prolific west of Ireland songwriter, singer and social activist who describes his new single We Don’t Want Your War as an anti-war song.

Seamus Ruttledge is originally from Knockmore, Ballina, but settled in Tuam many years ago, becoming part of the artistic landscape of the County Galway town, known for its great music and arts tradition.

We Don’t Want Your War was originally written twenty years ago by Seamus. And it is just as relevant today as it was then.

An acapella version of the song was recorded with renowned vocalist Michel Durham -Brandt on backing vocals for Seamus’ 2013 Elementary Chaos album.

Seamus continues to write, and two decades after it was first released the lyrics of We Don’t Want Your War have been rewritten to reflect the ongoing devastation and horrors of murderous wars.

This version was recorded at Claremorris Town Hall. Have a listen:

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