Dave Devaney’s music success

When Dave Devaney’s song ‘Compass’ was selected to compete in the final of a special Valentine’s Day category of the renowned International John Lennon Songwriting Contest, it took the Ballina songwriter and singer to a whole new level in the world of music.

Dave’s passion for songwriting is limitless, as witnessed by the new single released last week, and his music and lyrics resonate in the lives of so many people.

“Music has been very good to me, and has taken me to many places. Even if I never made a penny, writing songs and performing is what I’d be doing,” said Dave, a performer who is well-known to Ballina audiences and beyond.

“I’ve been treating writing as a 9 to 5 job for the past year and a half, and showing up on days when the creative energy isn’t there has been the biggest push in the right direction for me this year. There’s a fine line in forcing it, and letting it come naturally. I’m always learning to find the balance.”

And he has certainly found that balance with his new song, the jaunty ‘Must’ve Been the Moonshine’, which was dropped last week on the usual digital music platforms and on You Tube under the name Dave Devaney Music. Piano was added by Cathal Connolly, with video production by Eamon Corcoran.

Dave’s songs were a big hit with the audience at Lisa Hennigan’s show in The Royal Theatre, Castlebar this year, where he appeared as her support act.

“I cut my teeth singing in Emmett Maloney’s, Ballina like many others, in what seems like a lifetime ago now. It was a sense of freedom in a creative space, to find your voice. I count myself lucky to have experienced that,” he said.

“Over the past year I’ve taken influences from American folk artists such as Gregory Alan Isakov and River Whyless, introducing vocal harmonies and banjo to my sound,” said Dave.

Dave plans to release the single ‘Compass’ next month, followed by an album in July. ‘Compass’ was his song that impressed the judges in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest earlier this year, a competition which attracted songwriters from across the world, including from country music capital, Nashville. Among the notable singers, songwriters and industry veterans who help to judge the John Lennon Songwriting Contest is founding member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Flea.

Dave continues to work on writing and releasing new material, and is growing his fan base at an impressive rate.

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