Having confidence in Nerves appeal

First EP from young Mayo band

With energetic optimism, the always-creative Foxford band Nerves have the confidence to name their debut EP Everything Ahead Of Us.

Nerves are Kyle Thornton (vocals, guitar, and synthesiser), Charlie McCarthy (bass guitar) and Adam Nealon (drums). This is a collection of songs from the first two years of their existence and shows the range of moods and musical styles the young guys display in their rock set.

Attempting to mirror the fact that their live set increases in intensity across its run time, Everything Ahead Of Us begins with the poppy 80’s inspired new wave of Pastel, before delving into Let You Down, a track that starts out in a similar vein to Pastel before mutating into a more aggressive track that ends in heavy distortion and delay.

Watch Faces here

Faces holds this intensity with its breakneck pace and soaring choruses, ending in a loud shoegazey final chorus that provides one of the most intense moments of the EP.

Slow Drive finishes off the EP in more of a post-punk/noise rock vein with its heavily distorted bass riff, booming tribal-like drums and a sinister synth line. This song finishes the EP off in a haze of feedback and guitar squeals, a complete about-turn from the shimmering guitar and funky rhythms of the EP’s opening track, Pastel.

Everything Ahead Of Us serves as an introduction to the ever-changing sound of Nerves and proves that they’re a band who don’t want to be confined to one sound or genre.

The EP is released on the 5th of July on their own Post-Pop Records label.

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