Yop push the boundaries

Gone are the days when you could effortlessly define all music within a genre, characterised by chord progressions, rhythmic structure, lyrical content, instrumentation, techniques or cultural context.

Genres exploded into multiple sub-genres, and even these sub-genres merged together to form entirely new sub-genres, as songwriters and composers broke the boundaries of musical convention.

Spotify’s algorithms identify hundreds of genres of music! Mellow Gold, Pop Punk and Shoegaze are among the many that pepper the growing lexicon of music styles.

Take Yop, from Ballina. The duo of Conor Hickey and Sid Murphy describe themselves as ‘a krauty-psychey-noisey-punky-dancey two piece with a drum machine’.

Their intriguing debut EP The World Is A Hell is out tomorrow, 7th April on Wahshtuff Records and perfectly captures the blurred lines that have evolved from what might once have been called just rock music!

The band will play a launch gig in Tarbh 47, Ballina this Friday night, 7th April, with support from New Ceremony (Galway) and The Deadbeats (Claremorris).

With its timely title Propaganda Of The Deed, the second track on the new Yop EP is now available to view as a video on You Tube, and is a perfect taster for what The World Is A Hell has on offer.

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