Keywest record music video for our frontline workers

Keywest have come together with Heroes-Aid to put together a music video with frontline workers at its heart, to raise vital funds for our Healthcare Heroes. 

The music video for Ordinary Superhero features medical professionals Dr Matthew O’Toole, Nurse Emma Coughlan, Paramedic Steven Mangan and his daughter Saoirse.  

Speaking about Ordinary Superhero Kav of Keywest said: “We are honoured to be able to contribute in any way we can. It’s an achievement if we can move people to understand and empathise with what our frontline heroes face on a daily basis.

“And it’s amazing if we can help raise funds to protect them while they are exposed to Covid-19.” is the brainchild of Mary Leahy, Public Health Nurse & National Coordinator for Nurse/Midwife Safety, Health, & Welfare Reps and Damien Nee, a member of Covid-19 Expert Advisory Group.

You can donate to Heroes-Aid here:

The initial aim of Heroes-Aid is to raise funds through gofundme to provide practical support such as PPE and other resources to keep our healthcare heroes safe as they care for us. The fund also intends to provide longer-term psychological, educational and practical support for frontline healthcare workers, their children and families who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. 

Out now from the Dublin band, Ordinary Superhero is available across all digital platforms.

Find out more about Heroes-Aid here:

You can view the video for ‘Ordinary Superhero’ here:

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