Sarah O’Moore says she’s here to stay

Though only still refining her songwriting skills at BIMM Music College, singer-songwriter Sarah O’Moore has already released her debut single Here to Stay, and is planning to launch her first EP, Social Paralysis, later in the year.

Sarah has been turning heads with her timeless, sultry, powerhouse of a voice.

Raised on a diet of rock Gods and folk legends, her influences are quite diverse, and her vocal style draws comparisons that range from Amy Winehouse to Billie Holiday.

From an early age, Sarah has been attracted to the soul talents of Nina Simone, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. And it was through wordsmiths such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison that she was able to put an edge on her songwriting gift, now being honed at music school in Bristol, England.

Sarah is a voice in her own right, penning deeply introspective and profoundly outlandish works. Borrowing from her Cork roots, she pens deeply introspective and profoundly outlandish works.

Sarah promises that her forthcoming EP will act as a testimony to James Joyce’s Dubliners, as she embarks on bringing these 20th century archetypes to life.

Here to Stay from Sarah O’Moore is now available on all streaming services.

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