A week to remember for Sarah

Destined to be a radio and streaming hit with its simple melody, ‘June’ is the first song from Sarah Keane’s upcoming debut EP. The single drops on Friday, the same day she support Jack L in Sligo.

Folk-pop artist Sarah, presently supporting Jack L on his nationwide tour, has been working under the stage name Rowlette for a few years. Now returning to her birth name for her professional work, this singer and songwriter from the Knockanillo area of Ballina studied music in St. Mary’s Secondary School, under the guidance of Regina Deacy, and also received guitar lessons from Grace Kelly.

As a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, and based in London, Sarah is recognised for her powerful and bewitching vocals, unique story-telling ability and enchanting performances.

An intimate and emotional folk-pop track, ‘June’ captures the experience of uncertainty which follows a break up, where one is struggling to move on whilst knowing they can never go back.

“My friends give out to me all the time for it, but I always stay friends with my exes” said Sarah.

“When someone is a good person and you’ve shared great times together and it just didn’t work out for whatever reason, it’s hard to say ‘I’m not speaking to you’, but sometimes that’s what’s needed. At least at the start, to move on.”

The singer’s distinctive vocals sit beautifully on top of her trademark acoustic guitar, alongside piano and rich orchestral texture.

The new single, which will be released on April 19,  augurs well for the excitement around her forthcoming debut EP.

Accustomed to public performance, Sarah has supported Irish talent at home and abroad, including Jack L, Lisa Canny, Junior Brother and CMAT, and she has graced the stages of Cork Opera House, Theatre Royal, The O2 Oxford, and the ICC and The Water Rats in London.

Sarah is appearing across the country in April and May, and joins Jack L for his shows in The Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo on Friday, April 19, Dundalk, Wicklow, Newbridge and Limerick, along with other gigs in Waterford and Dublin.

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