Doppler groove drives them to the polytunnel

Laid-back sounds from a laid-back band – that’s Doppler.

The Ballina-based trio delivers another fine video in the shape of Barracuda, with its devil-may-care bpm similar to their hugely popular A Memory.

The acoustic instrumental was recorded live in a polytunnel!

Watch the video:

A Memory was the band’s debut single, released during the summer. It enjoyed heavy rotation on Irish radio and made the RTÉ Radio 1 Recommends List for a several  weeks.

Horace Panter, guitarist with The Specials liked it a lot. “Most stuff doesn’t hold my attention for longer than 30 seconds but this one stuck,” he said.

A Memory gathered 90,000 Spotify plays

Meanwhile Barracuda will be available on all streaming services for a month.

Pre pandemic Doppler has shared the stage with the likes of Gavin James, Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey, The Blizzards, The Saw Doctors, Jackie Beverly and even played with Bonehead from Oasis on several occasions.

Doppler – Jamie Mulrooney, Mick Dempsey and Kevin Donnellan – signed a deal with the Dublin-based music publishing company The Nucleolus this summer.

It was a busy couple of months for the new three piece as they have appeared on several high profile social media channels (FlutterTone, Hot Press Y&E Series, Linenhall Arts Centre, to name a few).

They performed live in Ballina Arts Centre and have booked several gigs for this winter, including a scheduled show in the TF Royal Castlebar.

Barracuda was filmed by the talented Fionn Rogers from Dromore West.

What creative urge took Doppler to record in a polytunnel, you might ask? None at all, it seems!

“Cash is tight”, said lead singer Jamie Mulrooney.

“Our plans have taken so many blows. We had hoped to have released much more music but because we have been either laid off from work completely or on PUP we can’t afford to get to the studio right now.

“This, coupled with the fact that we can’t gig to make any money, has forced us to think outside the box. We know we have a polytunnel, a laptop, a video camera and time. This way we got as tight as we could on Barracuda and rehearsed a lot. It’s an intricate little piece so it was great fun to get right.“

Guitarist Mick Dempsey added: “Also we wanted to bring real 100% live music to people but also to make it high quality, audibly and visually. Aesthetically we knew the polytunnel was a unique location and we could run electricity to it with a few extension leads. The fact that it’s an instrumental track made us think we can have fun with this release.”

The next plan for Jamie, Mick and Kevin is to release two studio recorded tracks, one either side of the new year.

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