Songwriting is in safe hands with Galway’s finest

Real name Michael D’Alton from Galway, the work of solo artist Seba Safe is set to grab your attention over the next few months.

After previously releasing the well-received singles Oscars and I’m on Fire, this emerging singer-songwriter has just shared his latest song. S

Spitfire is the third single from his upcoming new EP, and can he heard here:

Seba Safe’s longer playing Before I Remember You will be out on 5th August, and will be his first on his new label, Nettwerk.

About his song Spitfire, Michael said: “This song is about moving on and not beating yourself up about things in your past you cannot change.”

The recording captures Seba Safe’s tender vocals, demonstrating his growing songwriter abilities and knack for creating captivating and intricate melodies.

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